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Welcome to the membership page. This page contains plenty of useful information regarding Society fees, Registrations, useful forms as well as Salers merchandise available.


All female and male calves (except ET) up to 40 days


All female and male calves (except ET) 40 days to 90 days


All female and male calves (except ET) 91 days to 180 days


Full parentage DNA required after 180 days old.


Cancellation fee


Transfer of ownership


Embryo Transplant (ET) Calves up to 40 days


Embryo Transplant (ET) Calves 40 days to 90 days


Embryo Transplant (ET) Calves 91 days to 180 days


Transfer of ownership


Registration of embryo (including imported) minimum per animal flushed (up to 10 embryos)


Thereafter per embryo


Registration of embryo After 3 months- minimum per animal flushed (up to 10 embryos)


Thereafter per embryo


Annual Subscription- by bankers order (standing order)


Annual Subscription- by cheque/cash/postal order


Associate members annual subscription


Joining Fees and registration of herd letters and prefix


Export Certificate


Registration of Imported Cattle up to 3 months from date of entry


Registration of Imported Cattle 3 – 6 months from date of entry


Registration of Imported Cattle after 6 months from date of entry


Registration 1st and 2nd cross up to 1 year


Registration 1st and 2nd cross over 1 year


registrations 2012

All new breeders will be requested to sign a white acceptance form and will then receive an ANIMAL EVENTS RECORDING BOOK from I.C.B.F.

All Pedigree animals have to be registered through the Animal Events Recording Sheets or on line (instead of the regular white cards).  Do not send any money with sheet to I.C.B.F. As notification of birth now goes through to I.C.B.F.

Payment of Calf Registration fee must be paid before calf reaches 40 days of age, otherwise late penalties will apply. Calf National I.D. number must be supplied with payment. Send this to Salers Secretary the same time as you send the sheet to I.C.B.F.

No animal will be registered until Annual Subscription for the year is paid.  Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year.  Standing Order Form is available from Secretary.

No invoice will be sent so it would be helpful if all members would pay promptly.

Name of calf.  All calves born in the year 2012, their name should start with the letter “M”, e.g. Michael or Mary, the year 2013, start with the letter “N” etc..

The Birth notification time is 40 days from date of birth.  Late penalties will apply. (See charges). If you name a calf when registering and don't proceed with registration there is a €5.00 cancellation fee.

Herd Prefix.  This is a name you choose to call your herd.


D.I.Y. A.I. Inseminators must record all inseminations through the Animals Events Book.  

Stock Bull owners should record when Bull is put out with females and record through Animal Events again when the Bull is taken away.  A.I. Codes must be used.

A.I. Certificates must be sent to Secretary with payment for Registrations of calves. 


All Stock Bulls must be DNA typed to Register pedigree calves born.

DNA bags are available from Secretary.  Breeder pays for his own bull to be DNA’d.


The original Certificate and Beta-mannosidosis Certificate along with payment, should be sent to Secretary within 3 months from date of entry or late penalties apply.


Any animals being exported from Ireland must have an Export Pedigree Certificate and all males must be DNA'd for Sire and Dam. The beta-mannosidosis test would have been done by parentage.


This fee (see charges) is payable by the purchaser who should obtain the Certificate from the seller and forward to the Secretary to transfer into his/her name.


If a calf is got by Embryo Transplant, (ET) will follow its name.

ET Pedigree calves must be parentage DNA'd within 6 months of birth.

No calves will be registered unless they have a two generation pedigree certificate for Sire and Dam and have been tested as non-carriers for Beta-mannosidosis or are non-carrier by parentage.

No transactions complete until all payments are paid and paperwork correctly supplied.  It is the responsibility of the member to get all relevant information to the Society Office on time or late penalties will be incurred.

  • Membership Form
  • Insemination Form
  • Natural Service Certificate

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Contact the secretary on 0505 42245 or email